Multicast by Gre tunneling

Multicast,… not so popular ?, why ?. Because of scalability. not all border router installed with multicast enabled. Beside that, a few application is running on it. Now, the question how to resolve the above problem when you’re not sure that your above provider router support multicast or not ?. Simple, using tunneling. Internet community is developing AMT (Automatic Multicast Tunneling), but the software still in progress. So, let’s tunnel with gre.

In here, I’m using tunneling between Linux box and Cisco router.

here reference for gre tunneling on cisco,

and for gre tunnelin in linux box, you read LARTC howto. url ??…googling…

Here my scenario


[Network of streamer] —–[Linux box] —-[internet]—–[Cisco] —-[network of client receiver] —–[ – 202.169.224.x] —-[internet] —-[202.158.51.xx] —–[a.b.c.d]

1. First step, make tunnel config, and enable the pim at cisco router.

Here configuration in linux box for tunneling

ip tunnel add cbn mode gre local 202.169.224.xx remote 202.158.51.xx ttl 255
ip link set cbn up multicast on
ip addr add dev cbn

And configuration for cisco at other side,

ip multicast-routing
Enables IP multicast routing.
interface Loopback0
ip address 202.158.51.xx! Tunnel source interface

interface Tunnel0
ip address
ip pim sparse-dense-mode
tunnel source Loopback0
tunnel destination 202.169.224.xx

interface Ethernet0/0
ip address
ip pim sparse-dense-mode

ip pim bidir-enable
ip mroute Tunnel0

This Mroute ensures a successful RPF check for packets flowing from the source.
!— over Shared tree in case of Dense more and SPT in case of Sparse mode.
ip mroute 202.169.224.xx tunnel 0
This Mroute is required for RPF check when Sparse mode multicast traffic is
!— flowing from RP (assuming 202.169.224.xx as RP) towards receiver via tunnel
!— before the SPT switchover.

After that, my streamex box is at, and my multicast traffic is Finally I use smcroute to make static route.

#smcroute -d

#smcroute -a eth0 cbn

Next question, how to make my linux box using dynamic multicast routing protocol, like pim.

1. Use xorp .

2. Use pimd

how about the configuration ?.

Thanks to Johan


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