Multicast by Gre tunneling

Multicast,… not so popular ?, why ?. Because of scalability. not all border router installed with multicast enabled. Beside that, a few application is running on it. Now, the question how to resolve the above problem when you’re not sure that your above provider router support multicast or not ?. Simple, using tunneling. Internet community is developing AMT (Automatic Multicast Tunneling), but the software still in progress. So, let’s tunnel with gre.
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Script for suck Cisco 3640

Do u have Cisco Router 3640 ? has experience interface ethernet hangs suddenly, no arp of neighborhood computer, can’t ping to another host, just one solution to resolve : RELOAD !!

If you have this Cisco router 3640 and this in production environment, and have above problem. You will never go sleep well. Baca lebih lanjut